FAQs about the College of Business at WGU Tennessee

Q: Is WGU Tennessee respected among businesses?
Yes. As part of Western Governors University (who provides the curriculum and support for WGU Tennessee's business degree programs), a degree from WGU Tennessee is highly respected. Our business degree programs were developed with significant experts and business leaders who serve on our Business Program Council. Our National Advisory Board consists of major corporations and foundations that provide ongoing support and advice to the university, including Google, Microsoft, and Oracle among others.

Q. How will I complete my degree?
As a WGU Tennessee student, you take and complete assessments. You’ll prepare for your assessments by engaging various learning resources including textbooks, web tutorials, and courses. You will determine what learning resources are best for you in consultation with your mentor using your personalized Graduation Plan.

Speak to an Enrollment Counselor who can explain this program in more depth.

Q: What if I have already earned my PHR® certification?
Students must take and pass either the PHR® exam or the Assurance in Learning exam to complete their program specific requirements toward graduation. If you already hold a current PHR® certification, we accept transfer credit for this requirement. You will be required to submit proof of certification.

Q: Is financial aid available?
Yes, WGU Tennessee, as part of Western Governors University, is eligible to offer federal financial aid. Loans are available to most students, regardless of financial need. Grants that don't require repayment are also available for those with financial need. You can check into your financial aid eligibility at any time during the admissions process after you complete the admissions application. Speak to an Enrollment Counselor or visit the Financial Aid section to learn more.

Q: Can I accelerate my progress?
As a WGU Tennessee student you progress through your program by passing assessments. In consultation with your mentor, you set the pace at which you prepare for and take the assessments. Consequently, some students with strong academic or career experience in the field are able to go faster than the standard rate of progress. However, doing so isn’t easy. Many of the assessments are quite challenging, and students sometimes overestimate the knowledge they possess when they enter a program. On the other hand, a highly-motivated, self-disciplined individual is precisely the kind of student who does well at WGU Tennessee.

Speak to an Enrollment Counselor to discuss whether you’re the kind of student who might go faster.

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