February 2017

WGU Tennessee gave Thaddeus Murray the knowledge and skills he needed to quickly gain success in the healthcare field. After leaving the restaurant business in 2009, the Nashville, Tenn., native and father of three decided to transition into healthcare as a respiratory therapist at Centennial Medical Center . While working

Great article published on LinkedIn's Pulse by our very own, Kimberly Estep, Chancellor of WGU Tennessee. One of the greatest challenges of leadership is the communication of bad news. In any organization, it is inevitable that bad things will happen. These can include financial setbacks, adverse regulatory findings, damaging employee

On Monday, Jan. 30, Gov. Bill Haslam announced the expansion of the Tennessee Reconnect Act during his State of the State address. The proposed act would expand the postsecondary education initiative to all adults throughout the state, guaranteeing them tuition-free access to state-funded two-year community colleges. If the proposal makes

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