December 2015

WGU Tennessee nursing graduate Stacy Vick is a perfect example of an individual who’s mastered a good work-life balance. Even with a baby on the way, the intensive-care-unit nurse is still not losing sight of her academic and professional goals.

Lindsey Garth has a passion for fine-tuning business processes to make her workplace more efficient. Years after earning a degree in history, the 31-year-old decided to pursue an MBA from WGU Tennessee so she could realize that passion to its fullest. Since graduating from East Tennessee State University in 2008,

It’s not every day you hear someone say that math and accounting “just clicked” for them. Libby Cecchetti, secretary in the Dean’s Office for the Division of Engineering Technology at Chattanooga State Community College, realized crunching numbers came naturally for her while working on budgets and managing finances for work.

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