April 2014

Our students and graduates often tell us their reasons for choosing to earn a degree at WGU Tennessee. Most cite affordability, convenience, and quality as the key factors in their decision. Many credit our competency-based education model, which allows adult learners to move through the curriculum by demonstrating what they

Nurses have always been vital to the healthcare system, and today they’re more important than ever. Last week we discussed the critical shortage of nursing educators around the country, and how WGU Tennessee’s nursing degree programs help fill that gap. Today we’re looking at studies that show how patient outcomes

All month long we're highlighting nurses, their profession, and the high-quality online nursing degree programs offered through our College of Health Professions . As we continue our series of nurse-themed blog posts, we'd like to take a look at a critical issue facing the American healthcare system – the shortage

April is a time of year when—more than any other, perhaps—we stop to truly recognize and appreciate what surrounds us. After enduring a long and bitterly cold winter, we cherish that annual first moment when we recognize the spring thaw, appreciate the hours of additional daylight, and hold fast to

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