December 2013

By Dr. Kimberly K. Estep ​ WGU Tennessee Chancellor New Year’s Eve always hums with the excitement of possibility. We celebrate the year that was, full of gratitude for our small (and large) triumphs and for the many moments of joy we shared. We also celebrate the year that will

It’s 9 p.m. on a Wednesday night, and George Julien is sitting down to begin his studies. The 44-year-old Oak Ridge, TN, native has already put in a full day at work and then come home to cook dinner for his boys and tuck them into bed. George isn’t a

by Kimberly K. Estep, WGU Tennessee Chancellor As December unfolds and holiday season kicks into high gear, I face a trifecta of challenges this year. My daughter is a teenager, so I can no longer rely upon buying up a bunch of toys at the last minute, wrapping them, and

Every year around the middle of November, retailers and advertisers spend untold millions of dollars promoting “Black Friday” – the mad dash shopping event that signals the holiday season is upon us. Yesterday was “Cyber Monday,” the term given to the busiest online shopping day of the year. Unless you

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