November 2013

By Lori Betts Alumna, B.S. in Business – IT Management Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m grateful for the many blessings in my life: my beautiful daughter, good health, a great career, and – thanks to WGU Tennessee – my college degree. For most of my adult life, a college diploma

By Kimberly K. Estep WGU Tennessee Chancellor In the course of my travels around the state discussing WGU Tennessee with prospective students, I hear one question almost daily: What is the difference between WGU’s model of competency-based education (CBE) and the traditional credit hour model we all know? The concept

by Kimberly K. Estep WGU Tennessee Chancellor John R. Ingram, WGU Tennessee Advisory Board chair At WGU Tennessee, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, competency-based, online degree programs to working adults. Our mission revolves around expanding Tennesseans’ access to affordable higher education, and we’re always seeking ways to help make

Ask yourself if the following scenario sounds familiar: After a work day you felt in your bones would never end, you come home to a messy house, kids who need last-minute help with school projects, pets to walk and bathe, a family to feed, and multiple loads of laundry. By

by Kimberly K. Estep, WGU Tennessee Chancellor My grandfather William Henry Estep during World War II On Monday we celebrated Veterans Day, which has always been special in our home. My grandfather served in the Navy during World War II, and my father proudly followed in his footsteps. More recently,

by Ali Maquet IT Business Analyst Yesterday was Veterans Day, a reminder to give thanks for the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women around the world. While we’re at it, though, let’s have a round of applause for military spouses, too. As the wife of an Army helicopter pilot

By Kimberly K. Estep, Chancellor, WGU Tennessee During the eighteenth century, British sailors endured many hardships on the trans-Atlantic sea voyages to the New World. One of the most dreaded complications of this risky voyage was the doldrums, the common term for running into a low-pressure area that produced no

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