Governor Haslam on WGU Tennessee

WGU Tennessee is playing a role in our success because of its innovative approach to higher education. It’s called competency-based learning, and it allows busy adults to learn on their schedules with one-on-one faculty support and advance through courses as soon as they demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.

Accreditations & Affiliations

Get to Know Us

The average age of WGU Tennessee students (student ages range from 17 to 66).
are first-generation college students.
of students surveyed said they would recommend WGU Tennessee.

- 2014 survey

Tennesseans have earned degrees from WGU.
"WGU Tennessee allowed me to continue doing the things I love – spending time with my family and traveling for my job. Another major plus was that the competency-based system enabled me to focus my time in the areas I needed to learn to further my career."Shonna Wessels,
M.S. Management and Leadership

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