The Night Owl Files: A South Africa Native at Home in the Healthcare World

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This is the first entry in our brand-new, ongoing #nightowlfiles blog series, which tells the stories of WGU Tennessee’s incredible alumni and students. Be sure to check the blog frequently, as we’ll be adding new “Night Owl Files” as often as possible.

Prepare to be pushed, and embrace the challenge.

That attitude was Daniel Levin’s secret to success at WGU Tennessee, helping the Johannesburg, South Africa, native earn his MBA in Healthcare Management in just one year.

Since earning his master’s degree at WGU, Levin, 45, has been promoted to director of reimbursement, financial services at HCA and developed a deeper understanding of how to address challenges in the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

“With new, complex governmental regulations, we have to constantly revise the projections we develop for our company,” Levin says. “The MBAHM taught me how to quickly digest these changes and identify how they impact us.”

The Franklin, Tenn., resident moved to the United States in 1977 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Florida in 1991.   

“Hospitals were some of the largest employers in the county where I grew up (Punta Gorda, Fla.), so when I graduated I went to work in the accounting department at a local hospital.”

Levin knew finding time to pursue an MBA would be challenging, and the 24/7 access to coursework offered by WGU helped him maintain work-life balance. Also important to Levin was WGU’s affordable tuition, and the discount he received on WGU Tennessee’s already-low tuition because the university had a partnership with his employer was a major plus as well.

Levin says the competency-based curriculum was his absolute favorite aspect of the university. In fact, it was the primary reason he chose WGU over other traditional or online universities.

“Once you prove you have an understanding of the subject matter, you move on. You don’t have to spend time and energy studying something you’ve already mastered.”

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