HCA Respiratory Therapist Finds Success With WGU Tennessee

WGU Tennessee gave Thaddeus Murray the knowledge and skills he needed to quickly gain success in the healthcare field.

After leaving the restaurant business in 2009, the Nashville, Tenn., native and father of three decided to transition into healthcare as a respiratory therapist at Centennial Medical Center.  

While working to get his bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration at another university, Thaddeus decided he needed to take his education even further. It was then that Thaddeus decided that, if he wanted to continue moving up in the company, he would need to pursue his MBA as well.

Thaddeus initially heard about WGU Tennessee from his co-workers. After looking into WGU Tennessee’s MBA program, he realized that the unique student experience and personalized nature of the education plan would fit well in his busy life.

WGU Tennessee’s competency-based approach to learning allowed Thaddeus to excel at his own pace, which gave him the flexibility he needed while working full time. He found that the information he was learning was directly applicable to his job, and in less than eight months, Thaddeus was able to earn his MBA.

Soon after earning his master’s degree, he was promoted to respiratory therapist manager at Centennial Medical Center, where he now oversees more than 60 respiratory therapists and ensures that the department runs smoothly day-to-day.

“WGU Tennessee gave me the education I needed to quickly move into a management role in a field where I didn’t have a ton of experience,” he said. “It’s because of WGU Tennessee’s curriculum that I’ve been able to succeed in my new role with HCA.

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