FAQ: What kind of student is successful at WGU Tennessee?

By Kimberly Estep
Chancellor, WGU Tennessee

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Welcome to the final installment of our FAQs blog series! So far, we have discussed competency-based education, student support, financial aid, and the types of degrees offered at WGU Tennessee. I would like to use the final FAQ blog entry to talk about the kind of student who finds success at WGU Tennessee.

Part of what makes WGU Tennessee unique is the robust diversity of our student body. There is no average WGU Tennessee student – our “Night Owls” (as our students are affectionately known) hail from all over the state, with varying socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels, and life circumstances. Some of them are single parents juggling the responsibilities of work and family. Some are stationed in military bases stateside or overseas, serving our nation or married to someone who is. Some live in densely populated urban neighborhoods. Others live in remote rural areas far from a major city.

The common thread uniting them all, however, is a self-motivated desire to achieve. That’s where we come in.

At WGU Tennessee, our students’ success is our ultimate goal. The profile of a successful Night Owl is someone who is independent, self-directed, and hungry to learn. As a WGU Tennessee student, you will be in total control of your education. You won’t have classrooms or professors in the traditional sense. As I wrote in a previous post, though, you will not be alone – you will receive plenty of support from mentors and other WGU Tennessee students.

Make no mistake: If you want to succeed as a WGU Tennessee student, you have to be willing to put in the work. One of the major misconceptions about online education is that it’s easy. As any Night Owl will tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. Students report spending an average of about 20 hours per week on their studies. A major commitment? Absolutely. Nothing worthwhile ever came without effort. Your success is our mission. If you have the perseverance, the drive, and the motivation, we have the tools to transform your dream of earning a degree into reality. The rest is up to you.

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I hope these blog entries have been helpful. Remember, you can always contact an enrollment counselor by calling (855) 948-8495, or you can fill out this form to request more information. 

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