For Knoxville native and Nashville resident Kimber Beeler, a vivid career goal of management led her to WGU Tennessee shortly after its launch in 2013. Kimber, an advertising account executive with TN Media, was working within The Tennessean ’s education segment to get advertisers when she first discovered WGU Tennessee.

After a diverse career and educational path, David Statum found a home at WGU Tennessee as a faculty mentor. Since earning his M.S. in Nursing degree in 2014, the Estill Springs, Tenn., native, has served as a WGU Tennessee student mentor for more than a year. David loves his job,

When the real estate market crashed in 2008, Amanda Walker, then a realtor, decided to follow her dream and pursue a nursing career with the help of WGU Tennessee. After earning her associate degree in nursing from Aquinas College in 2012, she started as a staff nurse at Nephrology Associates

Jasmine Washington, a medical surgery nurse, loved her job at Redmond Regional Hospital in Rome, Ga., but was tired of the hour-long commute from Chattanooga. She understood that furthering her education would be the key to advancing her career and realizing her full potential, and that’s when she found WGU

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