The new year is upon us, and for many Tennesseans, that means new goals, new challenges and new adventures. But before we get too far into 2017, I wanted to take a look back at 2016 because it was truly our best year yet. Since becoming chancellor of WGU Tennessee,

Joram Kimenyi, B.S. Business Administration Knoxville, Tenn. Why did you decide to go back to school? I found that with the growth of my nonprofit, Tools for Hope, I needed to gain additional skills so I could run the organization effectively. With my work schedule, it would have been hard

As the holiday season approaches, balancing your coursework with traveling, family time and shopping can be a challenge. To help you stay on track and feel less stressed during the holiday season, check out the tips below. Plan ahead Whether it’s baking for a holiday party or keeping up with

How My Mentor and Competency-Based Education Kept Me from ‘Throwing in the Towel’. As a former critical care nurse, Dolores Bowman saw firsthand her fair share of illnesses. The Elmwood, Tenn., native has always been passionate about helping others, and after many years of treating patients she got the itch

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