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Lola Heap had a cheering section at her college graduation Aug. 26. Her daughters were cheering her on — one in full graduation regalia, too.

As the cost of college continues to increase, all of us in higher education have an obligation to work toward making it more affordable.

Leaders of two schools renew an agreement at Jackson State Community College that could help many in West Tennessee finish their education.

Jackson State Community College graduates and employees will continue to receive a 5 percent discount on their tuition if they elect to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree at WGU...

After four years in operation, Tennessee's state-backed online university is looking to capitalize on a new scholarship program that is expected to pump thousands of adults into higher...

A teacher at Dogwood Elementary School received a big surprise on Monday—a $10,000 scholarship that will go towards paying for a large part of her master's degree.

Kennedy instructional assistant Chandar Smith said she had no idea she had won a $10,000 Tenn-K scholarship from WGU Tennessee until it was announced during an awards day at Kennedy.

WGU Tennessee, the online university that the Tennessee Legislature and Haslam established in 2013, has stepped up to the plate for the first class of Tennessee Promise students.

Thursday morning an employee at Kennedy Elementary School in Kingsport got a $10,000 surprise.

The state's online university is rolling out a scholarship to court Tennessee Promise students as they graduate from community college, one of several attempts four-year schools are making...

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