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WGU Offers $200,000 in Scholarships to ITT Tech Students

News Brief - 9/30/16

Tennessee students displaced are eligible to apply

NASHVILLE — The more than 40,000 students who have been affected by the closure of ITT Tech, including 1,900 in Tennessee, will have many questions to consider moving forward. But there’s one question that Western Governors University (WGU), parent university of WGU Tennessee, hopes won’t be among them: whether or not to finish their degree.

There are many good options for ITT students who are committed to finishing their degrees, and for some of them, WGU Tennessee will be a solution. That’s why WGU has announced the creation of an ITT Transfer Scholarship available for qualifying ITT students who transfer to WGU Tennessee. The scholarships are worth up to $2,000 per student. Those interested in applying should visit

“While WGU won’t be a fit for every ITT student, it may be an alternative that many should consider as they sort out their options,” said WGU President Scott Pulsipher. “Our mission is to enable every student to achieve their academic goals, no matter their circumstances. No matter how frustrated or lost ITT students may feel at this point, we strongly urge them to thoroughly explore their options before letting their hard work go to waste.”

The ITT Transfer Scholarship is a competitive program and is for any of WGU Tennessee’s more than 50 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in information technology, nursing and healthcare, business, and teacher education. Scholarships will be awarded based on the student’s academic record, previous college experience, readiness for online study, current competency, and other considerations. The scholarship will be applied at the rate of $500 per six-month term, renewable for up to four terms, toward WGU Tennessee’s flat-rate tuition of about $3,000 per term for most programs.

In addition to the scholarships, WGU Tennessee will waive the university’s $65 application fee as well as the first-term resource fee of $145 for ITT students. WGU Tennessee has dedicated admissions staff to review ITT students’ situations and are available to answer transfer or other questions. One of the nation’s largest nonprofit universities, WGU pioneered a competency-based model that is ideal for adult students because it allows them to take advantage of previous college or work experience as they progress toward their degree.

Further information for ITT students may be obtained at

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